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Terry Elston has been an NLP Trainer for over 15 years. The focus has always been on ‘inside out’. In other words his work on the inner game is paramount.

Min McLoughlin is currently in the process of relocating back to the UK and Terry will be running the trainings in Cape Town and Gauteng.
Should there however be any queries please contact us via the contact page here.


Should there however be any queries please contact us via the contact page.

You can also find Terry Elston at his UK site on NLP World here:

Or on our sister South Africa NLP site NLPWorldsa:

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Terry Elston and Min McLoughlin have been working in the field of developing human potential for over 30 years.  They both has trained and worked with experts in their field in the USA, India, Sweden, Norway, the UK and South Africa.  Their mission is to find the most accessible, simple and effective way of being the best human being you can be, whether that is as the CEO of companies, a parent, or as the person others wish they could be like.

They runs NLP Certification trainings, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy certification trainings, Energy Re-Sourcing™ certification trainings, snappy morning workshops, corporate interventions and facilitation and produces books, ebooks, and other learning materials for access via MP3 or on-line.

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By the same principle many of us do not think about what we want in life (health and fitness, a successful career, loving relationships…
Advanced Human Technologies is South Africa’s leading NLP Institute and offers a range of corporate and individual training and coaching designed to give companies and people the results they want.
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